The Brake Inspector® In-Cab Air Brake Diagnostic System

How Brake Inspector® Works

The Brake Inspector® system consists of a corrosion resistant steel bracket, an electronic  hermetically sealed sensor that is impervious to vibration, dirt, snow, ice or temperature extremes, a replacement magnetic clevis pin and an in-cab diagnostic display module.  The bracket is attached to each brake chamber; the sensor is secured to the bracket and aligned with the magnetic clevis pin according to correct start position based on the brake chamber type.  The sensors are attached to hermetically sealed junctions (“crossovers”) using a multiplex cable with superseal connectors. The cables are tie wrapped to existing lines along the frame and “daisy chained to a firewall “crossover”, cabled through the firewall and are connected to the display module on the dash.  When the brakes are applied air brake activity is displayed on the in-cab diagnostic module by a series of LED’s that use the international colors of GREEN for "GO", YELLOW for "CAUTION", and RED for "STOP".

Why do I need Brake Inspector®?

Brake Inspector® will make your truck or fleet safer for the road and will reduce pre-trip inspection time!  The two main reasons why most drivers don’t check air-brake adjustments regularly are the fact it is difficult and messy to crawl under the power unit or trailer with a measuring tape to check each air-brake pushrod stroke; and secondly, there is a false belief that if the power unit and trailer are fitted with automatic slack adjusters there is no need to check the stroke. Brake Inspector has significant maintenance cost savings, productivity improvement of mechanics, drivers and equipment as well as fleet safety enhancement.