Brake adjustment made easy.

In North America, the law requires that your equipment is outfitted with a visual means of checking air brake adjustment. 

Operation Air Brake, September 8-14, 2013, resulted in 20,067 roadside inspections in North America resulting in 5,468 out-of-service (OOS) violations:

  • 59% were brake related
  • 56% of these OOS brake violations were Out-Of-Adjustment brakes
  • 80% of these Out-Of-Adjustment brake chambers were equipped with automatic slack adjusters

Save Time And Money With The Brake Safe® Visual Brake Stroke Indicator

Brake Safe® is a low-cost, easy-to-install visual brake stroke indicator system for power units and trailers. The design permits a fast and accurate visual inspection that takes the guesswork out of air brake adjustments.

Brake Safe® will make your truck or fleet safer for the road

The greatest identifiable problem in the trucking industry is the lack of a detailed pre-trip inspection of a power unit or trailer’s air-brake system in spite of legislated requirements.

The two main reasons why most drivers don’t check air-brake adjustments regularly are the fact it is difficult and messy to climb under the power unit or trailer with a measuring tape to check each air-brake pushrod stroke; and secondly, there is a false belief that if the power unit or trailer are fitted with automatic slack adjusters there is no need to check the stroke.

While a properly working automatic slack adjuster can greatly reduce the frequency of brake adjustments, automatic slack adjusters still require manual adjustment at installation and every time the brakes are replaced.

Brake Safe® identifies out-of-adjustment brakes. If installed and used correctly, it protects against heavy fines imposed for out-of-adjustment brakes and ensures maximum braking capability in any emergency situation. Protect the safety record and reputation of your fleet with Brake Safe®.


With brakes fully applied, if the red indicator pin rests between the two pre-set yellow reference pins, the brakes are "IN" adjustment.

With brakes fully applied, if the red indicator pin rests beyond the two pre-set yellow reference pins, the brakes are "OUT OF" adjustment.