What are people saying about Brake Safe® and brake stroke indicators

“Canada Building Materials has been using your Brake Safe® Stroke indicators for more than 10 years. By eliminating the need for the drivers to physically go under the truck, Brake Safe® encourages the driver to properly check brake adjustment during their daily truck inspection… It also speeds up the process of checking brake stroke, saving time and wages.  Brake Safe® simplifies the process as they no longer have to identify the size of the chamber, determine if it is a short or long stroke, check the chart for allowable stroke and then mark and measure… One more point, the simplicity and the durability of Brake Safe® stroke indicators means they require next to no maintenance once installed. Even in the Ready Mix Concrete industry and I can’t imagine a tougher environment.”

Al Holbrook CDS
Driver Trainer, St Marys CBM/Ready Mix


"Brake Safe® was installed on our road-training units just over a year ago and I am happy to report that they are still as accurate and easy to read as when we first installed them. Our mechanics love the fact that they no longer have to crawl underneath the trucks and trailers in order to measure for brake adjustment. We recently had our inspection by the Ohio Department of Public Safety and the state inspector was also very impressed by the Brake Safe® system. If and when we acquire more vehicles, we will definitely order more Brake Safe® units.”

O. Michael Lattavo
President, Big Rig Driving School, Canton, Ohio


"Brake Safe® is a simple, highly effective solution to one of the industry’s biggest problems, out-of-adjustment air brakes. Drivers can check their equipment’s brake adjustment status visually in a matter of a few minutes while completing their pre-trip inspection. I always insist that my fleet clients use Brake Safe® visual brake stroke indicators.”

Rob Jackson
Transportation Safety Specialist, RJ Consulting 


Brake Safe® "Our driver training tractors and trailers are all equipped with the Brake Safe® visual brake stroke indicator system. The pre-trip inspection our students are taught is a critical procedure that ensures a safe vehicle on the road. Brake Safe® is an inexpensive yet very reliable tool to assist them in completing the brake adjustment inspection quickly and accurately.  We recommend Brake Safe® to all students."

Karen Tavener
Director, Customized Training, Humber College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning


"Brake Safe® takes the guesswork out of brake adjustment...because the three indicator pins are brightly coloured, they are easily visible just by looking underneath the power unit or trailer...the whole process takes just a few minutes, meaning substantial cost saving in both time and money, especially with heavy fines for out-of-adjustment brakes."

Dale Holman
President, Truck Watch Service Inc., a leading truck inspection services company


"Brake Safe® brake stroke indicators are the most reliable method to date to ensure proper brake adjustment and avoid roadside detention. This product makes the inspection job easier and quicker for drivers, maintenance staff and safety inspectors. In my opinion, installing brake stroke indicators demonstrates a genuine commitment to road safety."

Cam Woolley
Retired Senior Constable, O.P.P. Commercial Vehicles Unit