I don’t get many loose nuts so I don’t think I need your product.

It only takes 1 loose nut to stress the entire wheel end and risk more nuts coming loose. Studies show that loose wheel nuts are responsible for 66% of wheel separations.


I already use a loose nut indicator. Why do I need Zafety Lug Lock®?

It’s good that you are concerned about loose lug nuts. The product you are using only warns you of the problem after it occurs and it may be missed for some time. Zafety Lug Lock® will eliminate the loose nut problem because even improperly torqued nuts are prevented from loosening. Also, if a stud and nut shears off the wheel, Zafety Lug Lock® will retain the sheared component while the loose nut indicator lets it fly down the road.


How do I know that Zafety Lug Lock® will really prevent the lug nuts from loosening?

We have numerous fleets that have confirmed the product really works. We had Zafety Lug Lock® tested by an internationally respected test laboratory and their reports confirm the effectiveness of Zafety Lug Lock® in preventing nuts from coming loose. Field testing at the Bosch road testing facility in Indiana also confirmed that Zafety Lug Lock really does keep lug nuts from loosening.


How much torque can a piece of plastic stand up to before the nuts start to loosen?

Nuts come loose due to vibration working the nut back along the stud. In fact there is no significant reverse torque that contributes to loosening. Zafety Lug Lock® is design engineered with a high strength to weight ratio, and the design has been proven in independent vibration testing to retain lug nuts from rotation in operating temperatures ranging from -40⁰F (-40⁰C ) to +122⁰F (+50⁰C).


I have looked at these type products but we have to remove them to do our scheduled torque checking then re-install them. This takes too much time and adds to the cost.

You are right, all those other products need to be removed. The good news is you can complete a nut torque check without removing Zafety Lug Lock®. An independent test study confirmed that re-torquing without removing Zafety Lug Lock® did not affect the performance of the product and had no effect on the physical quality.


Will this product stand up to exposure of the harsh operating environment of chemicals, diesel fuel, brake fluid and other fluids my equipment needs?

Zafety Lug Lock® is a high tech blend of polymers used in products that are constantly exposed to chemicals commonly found in Road salt, Liquid calcium chloride, Hydraulic fluid, Transmission fluid, Windshield washer alcohols, Gasoline and Diesel fuel, Iron oxides, Radiator fluid, Locktite, Ethanol alcohol.


Looks like a great product but how easy are they to install and remove?

Zafety Lug Lock® can be installed or removed by hand or with a specially designed tool in a matter of minutes. We recommend they be at shop or room temperature for the easiest installation