Hub Alert® heat sensing labels are an early warning system that will alert you to above normal wheel end operating temperature. The inexpensive labels have been independently laboratory tested and are a maintenance tool and a safety product long overdue in the transportation industry.

The normal temperature of hubcap grease or oil should not get above 225⁰F (107⁰C). Dana and Meritor both recommend that when the temperature reaches 250⁰F (121⁰C) there is a need to do a more detailed wheel end inspection.

Hub Alert® will indicate the need for a more detailed inspection of the overheating wheel end. Catching bearing / seal issues early will reduce the need for over the road emergency repairs and will avoid additional costly repairs due to a failure.

The Hub Alert® thermosensitive area is hermetically sealed against moisture, oil, grease, fuels, solvents, water and steam.

Hub Alert®  sensor decal will turn BLACK once the hub/hubcap surface has reached the critical temperature.  Maintenance staff and drivers are now alerted to the need for a more detailed inspection to identify causes for the above normal wheel end operating temperature.

A new Hub Alert® heat sensing label is applied to the hubcap after the above normal heating issue has been resolved.

Hub Alert® Applications

Hub Alert® heat sensing labels can be used on a variety of heavy duty and light duty equipment both on and off road. These applications include heavy duty commercial vehicles  and transit/motorcoach buses. Hub Alert® is very effective in identifying overheated wheel ends on smaller vehicles including delivery vans, EMS vehicles, mini school buses, cargo and utility trailers, RVs and campers.