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We provide the commercial transportation industry with innovative products designed to improve safety, improve operational productivity and reduce maintenance costs.

Brake Safe®

Brake Safe® is a low-cost, easy-to-install visual brake stroke indicator system that allows for fast and accurate visual inspection of air brake adjustments.

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Arrow Logger™

ARROW LOGGER™ is a new product that works together with Brake Safe® to significantly improve and simplify inspecting brake adjustment.

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Brake Inspector®

Brake Inspector® provides real-time, in-cab indication of a truck or bus's air brake activity such as brake stoke travel, brake fade, hung up brakes and non-activating chambers.

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Termin-8R® is an anti-corrosive spray lubricant highly effective in protecting electronic surfaces, connectors, plugs, sockets and ABS cables from corrosion.

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Zafety Lug Lock®

Zafety Lug Lock® helps prevent wheel loss by using the resistance between two nuts to minimize their ability to rotate and loosen.

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Hub Alert®

Hub Alert® heat sensing labels provide an early warning system alerting you to above-normal wheel end operating temperature.

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