Normal wheel end operating temperatures of Hub or Hubcap oil should not exceed 225⁰F. Hub Alert® will commence activation when surface temperatures reach between 245⁰F and 250⁰F.

The Hub Alert® heat sensing label has a hermetically sealed area housing a thermosensitive sensor. The heat sensing label monitors the surface temperature of the hub or hubcap on which it is placed.

The sensor has a preset 250⁰F temperature threshold at which the sensor will turn BLACK indicating above normal operating temperature.

Activation of the Hub Alert® heat sensing label indicates that the wheel end operating temperature is above the normal operating temperature and a detailed inspection is required. The heat sensing area of the label remains BLACK until it is replaced. By remaining BLACK even after the wheel end has cooled down, a continuous alert to an above normal operating temperature condition at the wheel end is provided to both Drivers and Maintenance staff.

After identifying and resolving the overheating issue, a replacement Hub Alert® needs to be installed for continued monitoring of the wheel end temperature.

The Hub Alert® heat sensing label can be installed on any truck, bus or trailer hubs and hubcaps. The aggressive adhesive backing of the heat sensing label ensures that Hub Alert® remains securely attached to plastic, aluminum and steel hubcaps and to steel hubs.