What is the normal operating temperature for wheel ends?

Most manufacturers advise that the operating temperature of oil or grease used to lubricate the hub should not regularly exceed 225⁰F. If the operating temperature is constantly running higher, you need to inspect the wheel end to identify the issue.


We have a scheduled maintenance program so I don’t have a problem with overheated wheel ends.

Even with the best maintenance programs a wheel or brake component can fail resulting in overheated brakes or hubs. Hub Alert® is inexpensive insurance for an unforeseen problem that can occur when the vehicle is on the road.


How does Hub Alert® warn me of an overheating wheel end?

The Hub Alert® heat sensing label is pre-set to activate and turn BLACK at 250⁰F. When a driver or maintenance staff sees the BLACK label he knows the wheel end has overheated. The sensor cannot reset and remains BLACK until it is removed.


If operating temperature should not exceed 225 ⁰F why isn’t Hub Alert® set to activate closer to this temperature instead of 250⁰F where I obviously have a problem?

While normal operating temperature should not exceed 225⁰F, a wheel end may marginally exceed this level during severe operating conditions. The higher temperature activation of Hub Alert® will prevent a premature or false warning. In addition, severely overheated brakes (e.g. brake fade, hung brake) can create 500⁰F brake temperatures that are equivalent to a wheel end area temperature of about 250⁰F. Hub Alert® will warn you about a dangerous brake condition.


Will this product stand up to the exposure of the harsh operating environment of chemicals, diesel fuel, brake fluid and other fluids my equipment needs?

The Hub Alert® sensor area is hermetically sealed against moisture, oil, grease, fuels, solvents, water and steam.


If I put Hub Alert® on my equipment, how well will it stick to the hubcap or hub?

The adhesive used to attach the label to a hub/hubcap is specifically formulated to resist loosening because of temperature extremes, environmental conditions including chemical exposure and road spray as well as maintenance procedures including high pressure spray washing of wheels. This has been validated by a globally respected independent test laboratory. A properly installed Hub Alert® should stay on the hub/hubcap indefinitely. Only a deliberate attempt to peel off the label works.