“Since the initial purchase of Hub Alert® that we affixed to our oil hubs, your product has saved us an axle! We had a brake job performed at our facility then, on his way to Montreal, our driver stopped to get a coffee and did his usual walk around. To his disbelief the heat sensing label on the axle that our mechanic had been working on just hours earlier had turned black. He immediately called dispatch and they put the trailer out of service and called in a mobile repair mechanic. After checking the axle it was determined that the brake shoes had been improperly adjusted causing the entire axle to heat up. Had it not been for the heat sensors our driver would never have known he was having a potentially very dangerous problem. The issue was corrected and he returned back to our yard without any additional problems. Thank you for alerting us to this product. I am a true believer now." 

Wally Horodnyk
Vice-President, Operations, TFX International