Wheel Lug Nut Security Means Positive Fleet Impact

  • Reduced liability from risk of potential wheel loss
  • Lower maintenance costs from possible wheel damage and lug nut replacement
  • Simple visual check on wheel nut position
  • Demonstrates proactive safety


  • Zafety Lug Lock® secures 2 adjacent nuts against loosening.
  • Maintains nut torque.
  • Capability to check nut torque without removal on most heavy duty applications.
  • Design engineered for superior weight to strength ratio.
  • Flexible and easy to install and remove.
  • Retains flexibility in both hot and cold temperature operation.
  • High Temperature (450⁰F) formulation.
  • Independently tested at high and low rotation levels.
  • Reusable with same application.
  • Multiple applications for 10 stud and 8 stud wheels.
  • Available in custom colours.


  • Reduced risk of wheel damage or wheel loss with retention of failed or sheared stud and nut.
  • Nuts will not loosen if wheel surface is compromised by loose paint or rust or nut is under torqued.
  • Save time and cost of removing and re-installing other products when torque check is required.
  • Zafety Lug Lock® can be easily installed and removed without special tools or procedures. For convenience, a specifically designed tool can be used.
  • The flexibility of Zafety Lug Lock® means fast installation and product durability in a wide range of temperatures and weather conditions.
  • The High Temperature formulation provides the widest range of applications in normal day-to-day operation including severe stop and go braking experienced with transit buses. This formulation ensures lug nut security will not be compromised by overheating wheel ends.
  • Independent testing ensures that the product claims are fully supported by arms-length third party experts and can be relied upon.
  • Zafety Lug Lock® can be reinstalled wheel after removal for wheel end servicing or can be used in similar applications in the event the equipment is taken out of service.
  • Zafety Lug Lock® parts are available to outfit power units, trucks, trailers, motor coaches, transit buses, delivery step vans, full size and mini-school buses, EMS vehicles and off-road equipment.
  • Zafety Lug Lock® can be ordered to in colors consistent with corporate image