What people are saying about Zafety Lug Lock® and wheel lug nut security

"A critical component of ensuring a truck or trailer is roadworthy is the wheel end inspection. Loose wheel nuts are a serious safety issue and we have outfitted our entire fleet with Zafety Lug Lock® to reduce the incidence of loose wheel nuts and are very satisfied with the overall  performance of this product. It is a reliable, inexpensive solution to reducing the possibility of loose lug nuts during those intervals between re-torquing the wheel nuts.”

Karen Tavener
Director, Customized Training, Humber College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning


"Loose wheel nuts are a constant headache for fleet operators and wheel damage from loose nuts is a common occurrence. Unlike some products that can indicate a loose nut, Zafety Lug Lock® helps prevent a nut from loosening. My clients like the fact that they are easy to install and easy to remove for wheel end maintenance. They also like the fact that they do not have to worry about possible loosening of wheel nuts between scheduled re-torquing maintenance. It’s a great product for fleet safety.”

Rob Jackson
Transportation Safety Specialist, RJ Consulting