Termin-8R® is one of the very best anti-corrosion spray lubricants available anywhere. Its unique hi-tech formulation does the work of multiple single use products.



When applied to existing corrosion, Termin-8R’s Fluid Thin Film Coating (FTFC) technology quickly penetrates oxidation to kill rust on contact and prevent further occurrence of the corrosion process. Seized surfaces and parts are quickly loosened.

FTFC allows Termin-8R to creep across metal surfaces, penetrating every cavity, crease, seam, lap joint and rivet displacing all moisture it encounters while laying down an ultrathin barrier preventing further oxidation for extended, long lasting protection.


Termin-8R resists water washout and with its low VOC formulation will not evaporate, lasting for 3-6 months or more depending on the climate conditions. 

  • Less than 2 months


  • 6 months



Termin8R® is Safe.

Low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) means Termin-8R is safe for use on sensitive materials like circuit boards, computer sensors, silicone, rubber and plastic with no risk of damage or performance degradation. Many chemical sprays have high VOC levels and are damaging to equipment and components in day to day use for numerous transportation applications.


Termin-8R’s dielectric feature makes it safe and ideal for electrical connections and equipment:

With a dielectric of nearly 40,000 volts, Termin-8R can safely be applied to control panels, circuit boards and switches, battery terminals and electric motors for improved current flow. It eliminates problems caused by atmospheric moisture and its resulting corrosion. In many cases it has revived parts after immersion in salt water and resists attraction to dust, sand and dirt.


"As a parts distributor for cars and heavy trucks, we have a growing legion of loyal users ofTermin-8R. One of the best features of the product is the corrosion protection it offers for electronics."
Will Perry, Sales Manager, Muskoka Auto Parts, Huntsville, Ontario, Canada

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Multi-functional Termin-8R® outperforms single-use chemical sprays and eliminates the need to stock dozens of limited, one-use-only products

  • Dielectric Lubrication

  • Penetrant and anti-seize

  • High Pressure Lubricant

  • Corrosion Removal & Control

  • Moisture Eliminator

  • Contact Cleaner

  • Chain & Cable Lubricant

  • Battery Terminal Cleaner& Protector

  • Roll Up Door Lubrication


Multi-functional Termin8R® is the go-to anti-corrosion choice for all your daily lubrication needs.



"When I sprayed Termin-8R on the seized sleeves of hydraulic arms I couldn't believe it! I was able to move them as they were originally designed to ."
-Jim Sheldon, Managing Director
C.A.T.T., Milton, Ontario, Canada

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Saves Operators Money.

  • Eliminates corrosion of electrical parts and wiring

  • Extends parts life and reliability

  • Protects equipment from rust and operating downtime

  • Gets rid of unnecessary single use products in stock room


What is the difference between Termin-8R and those other rust proof products?

Rust proofing products are generally barrier coatings that trap moisture on the surface under the coating allowing corrosion to continue. Termin-8R’s formula lifts moisture off the surface and out of the corrosion cell. Termin-8R attacks rust to clean the surface before laying down its high tech anti-oxidant film to prevent future corrosion.


There are endless numbers of lubricants and penetrants. Is Termin-8R a better product?

Termin-8R is a multi-functional product. It has been formulated to replace penetrating fluids, spray lubes, dielectric grease, corrosion inhibitors, contact cleaners, battery terminal spray, anti-seize sprays, chain & cable lubricants and moisture eliminators.



Can Termin-8R be used in non-commercial/industrial applications?

Termin-8R should be used wherever you want to reduce friction, remove rust or prevent ongoing corrosion. Use it on chains, cables, battery terminals, door locks and hinges, garage door rollers, motorcycle and bicycle gears and chains, sliding windows and doors and cleaning metal surfaces.  Also use Termin-8R on your recreational vehicles and equipment including ATVs, snowmobiles, jet-skis, sail boats and power boats, chainsaws, even fishing reels. The lubricating opportunities for Termin-8R are almost unlimited.


Termin-8R® is available in the convenient 400-gram aerosol can featuring 360° spray and straw storage in the cap.


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