ARROW LOGGER™ is a new approach to monitoring brake stroke. Designed to work with the Brake Safe® visual brake stroke indicator, ARROW LOGGER™ will identify the furthest point of pushrod travel during operation of the equipment and will continue to do so until the brakes are readjusted. These loggings of the longest stroke permit roadside brake adjustment inspections without the need to reapply the service brake.


Do I need ARROW LOGGER™ when I have a visual stroke indicator already on my equipment?

Yes, ARROW LOGGER™ will improve driver productivity compared to other indicators. When completing the pre-trip inspection, a pedal depressor or an additional person is required to maintain the service brake application while the pre-trip is being conducted. With ARROW LOGGER™ you simply apply and release the service brake. ARROW LOGGER™ shows you whether the brakes are in adjustment or beyond the legal limit.


Do I need ARROW LOGGER™ if I am using the Brake Safe® system?

Brake Safe® is a superior brake stroke indicator that has been very successful for inspecting brake adjustment. ARROW LOGGER™ has been developed to enhance the usefulness of the Brake Safe® system and improve the diagnostic capabilities of Brake Safe®.


Can I use ARROW LOGGER™ with other stroke indicators?

ARROW LOGGER™ only works with the Brake Safe® system that has proprietary components that cannot be used by other stroke indicators. If you do not have Brake Safe® currently installed on your equipment you should consider switching to it. The superior fabrication, durability, accuracy and reliability of Brake Safe® makes it the stroke indicator of choice by small and large fleets throughout North America.


Will ARROW LOGGER™ stand up to the severe operating conditions of on-road and off-road situations?

ARROW LOGGER™ is manufactured with an engineered plastic composition for durability in severe operation. The red “Arrow Indicator” is made from high-impact nylon and the black “Arrow Housing” is fabricated from durable acetal material ensuring reliable parts movement with no binding resistance.


What happens if the black “Arrow Housing” gets filled with snow, ice, mud or other debris?

ARROW LOGGER™ has an innovative design features to ensure it does not become seized in the most severe operating conditions. The “Arrow Housing” has 22 tab locking holes which provide immediate ejection of water, snow, sand, mud or similar debris as the “Arrow Indicator” moves through the “Arrow Housing”. The “Arrow Indicator” has an ice breaker wedge design on both ends for effective removal of ice, cement and limestone dust build up or larger pieces of debris.


How difficult is the installation procedure?

ARROW LOGGER™ can be installed in a matter of minutes with normal shop tools. Each kit includes detailed installation instructions and simple to follow diagrams. There are 2 installation orientations and you choose the one that provides the best visibility on your particular equipment.