First, determine the Brake Safe® kit that is applicable to the brake chamber on your truck or trailer.


Manufacturer's Rated Stroke - vs - DOT Legal Stroke Limit

The manufacturer's rated stroke is a design feature and is one half inch greater than the brake adjustment limit of a chamber. This rated stroke distance is identified by a trapezoid tag showing the rated stroke of the chamber or embossed or stamped onto the chamber. At the rated stroke there is no brake force left which creates a very dangerous condition.

The legal stroke limit is based on the brake chamber size and is the distance the pushrod is allowed to travel before an out of adjustment condition occurs. The legal stroke limit is one half inch less than the manufacturer rated stroke. This ensures that sufficient brake force is available under all operating conditions.

The Reference Chart below provides a guide for selecting the right Brake Safe® kit to match the chamber type and the DOT adjustment limit.


Brake Safe® Reference Chart


Brake Safe® Truck (Power Unit) Axle Kits (equips two brake chambers)


Brake Safe® Trailer Axle Kits (equips two brake chambers)


Brake Safe® Replacement Parts

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